Tips & Advice on Staying Focused

Having trouble remaining focused? Are you easily distracted? Here, I would like to share a few tips and advice on how I sustain my focus. I pray it helps you to find your focus too!

Joy Lowery Russaw

2021-03-12 4 min read

In our lives, we tend to be terribly busy with our jobs, children, marriage, businesses, and many other things that seem important to us. We tend to focus our attention to the things or people that are right in front of us. How often do we focus our attention on the word of God? How much time are we focusing on our purpose and/or assignments that has been commissioned to us by Him? I would like to give a couple of tips on sustaining your focus.

First, when I am actively engaged in my purpose I must “Do Not Disturb” my notifications. I have to “mute” the television. If my children are not requiring my undivided attention now, I use that time to focus on my purpose. What do you mean by actively engaged in your purpose? Being actively engaged in my purpose is what I am currently doing at that present moment to perfect my purpose/assignment. Yes, I am always focused on my purpose. Yes, I am always working towards being better and pleasing to Christ. Being as engaging in your purpose as you are in daily activities, plays a big role in sustaining your focus.

The first tip on sustaining your focus is to always be actively engaged. Now, the dictionary defines engaged as being busy or occupied; involved. So, being actively engaged is when you are in action, moving, working. You are producing and being used to produce. What does that mean? While you are producing and reaching many by being a vessel for Christ, He continues to use you to produce and fulfill His promises. Think about it like this, the more you produce, the more He will use you. Proverbs 16:3 reads, “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established”. How does that play into being actively engaged? Being connected to Christ and seeking Him day and night, you will begin to create a habit of focusing on the assignment He has set before you. You will obtain such an urge and thirst for Him, that in turn, will make you go after your purpose with a sense of urgency. I am sure we are all familiar with Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”. We must be sure that while we are being actively engaged, and we are also constantly seeking Christ with every move we make. He wants to always feel included in your projects. Include Him in your community service, your vendor events, your speaking engagements, your guest appearances on shows. Whatever you are actively engaged in, include Him in it. For the purpose, assignment and success all belongs to Him. We must also remain consistent while being actively engaged.

The second tip that helps me in remaining focused, is consistency. We hear it all the time, “Consistency is key”. That statement is so true and vital when being focused. Let us get practical really quick. Think about Track & Field. For those that to do Track and Field, they have endurance, speed and techniques that require strength. To be successful in Track & Field, they must be able to combine physical ability and practice. Practicing requires consistency. If you put me up to someone who has trained for Track & Field, I can assure you they will win. They train several days a week, they are consistent with eating habits, the are mentally healthy for it, their bodies are trained and built for it. Track & Field competitors have a thirst and hunger for what they do. They want to be consistent; they want to win. When it comes to being focused, you must remain consistent. In 1 Chronicles 16:11 it says, “Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually”. We should be seeking Him consistently, continually. As I said before, that will make you consistent in your focus. What you value most, is what you will focus on. How much do you value your relationship with Christ? How much do you value the purpose and/or assignment He has placed before you? If He entrusted you that assignment, He trusts that you will do the right thing. However, we must be consistent. With that being said, we must be consistent in season and out of season. Just as physical seasons change, spiritual seasons change as well. That does not mean you can slack off. Being consistent in your focus is not only for you, it also for those that you are serving. Our purposes are to bring others to Christ and, to give others a sense of hope that they too can be saved.

What if I do not know what my purpose and/or assignment is yet? Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom”. What that is saying is, when you find your enjoyment in life (a work that you thoroughly enjoy doing), do it to the best of your ability. Do it to glorify the Lord. The godly will know that the enjoyment comes from having favor in the Lord. He will richly bless it if you stay focused on Him. Remember to first and always seek Him, in everything that you do. Being actively engaged and consistent are both vital to remaining focused. Silence all that is around you, if that is what it takes for you. Get into community to have accountability partners to help you remain consistent. Being in community with like-minded individuals is a wonderful thing.

My prayer for you is that, if you have yet to discover your purpose, you begin today developing your own personal relationship with Christ. I pray that He sends you who and what you need to fulfill all He has for you. You are amazing, you are worthy and, you are very deserving of all the wonderful things He wants for you. If you are one that have already discovered what that purpose is, my prayer for you is that you stay actively engaged and develop a spirit of consistency. God wants to do amazing things in your life and the lives surrounding you. Allow Him to use you on purpose, for purpose.

I appreciate you so much for being here and hope that these tips help you to focus. If you are more of a listener or would like to hear this blog, visit my podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Anchor Podcast. Feel free to like my page and follow me on my Facebook page at Joyful Manna. There I will have encouragement and inspiration to help get you started or to simply sustain you. We all need encouragement every now and again. Much Love! 


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